First Meeting with Day to Day Construction for your new bespoke home

Our first meeting is all about you being comfortable and confident with your design/concept. At this meeting we encourage you to share your ideas, dreams and aspirations. Bring along your land details as well as magazine clippings you’ve collected, ideas you’ve seen on websites and any rough plan ideas you may have sketched out.

Site Visit

Once engaged, we begin gathering information on your site. This will include the Certificate of Title, Drainage Plans, Zoning and Town Planning information. We will organise external consultants to have the site surveyed on your behalf for its contours and boundaries.


We’ve been to your block and now we want to hear about you and how you and your family live…. what works for you and what doesn’t…. how you entertain….. what’s your family’s routine …. is a swimming pool part of your vision etc. We’ll be revisiting all those magazine clippings and scrapbooks going into more detail.

Concept Design / Design Development

We are now looking at confirming your bespoke design details – or we can use one of our own quality designs . This is the exciting part. We focus on the design with more specifics on testing and resolving the elevations, materials, products, 3D modelling etc. Along the way we are continually evaluating the plans to determine the most cost effective way to build.

Contract Pricing Transparency

Throughout the design process, we keep you abreast of your new homes costs.

Working Drawings

By now, we will have settled on the final design and will begin preparing all the final paperwork including final engineering, working drawings and a contract package for Building Permits. We will meet with you to present your contract package and will take the time to explain all documents. Once you’re happy with everything, you’ll be asked to sign the documentation and pay your 5% deposit.

Interior Design

Now it’s time to meet with Amanda, who will assist you with all your interior and exterior selections.


Once any necessary demolition works are complete, the meticulous task of building your new home begins.

Completion / Handover

Your new Day to Day Home is now complete and it is time to carry out a practical completion inspection. At this meeting, you’ll be asked to inspect your home and any issues that need some last minute final attention will be noted on a list that will be signed by both parties. Now is the time to settle your final account as we arrange keys and prepare for final handover.

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We encourage you to share your ideas, dreams and aspirations.