We know what you need.

Day to Day Construction can help you to find everything you need to make your room look exactly the way you envisioned. From splashbacks, frameless shower screens, insitu showers and mirrors, to free standing baths, heated floors, taps and shower heads, we have got everything you need for your dream bathroom renovation.


  • A Day to Day Construction consultant will come to your home to view your space and show you a portfolio of work we have done on past living room, laundry, bathroom & kitchen renovations for inspiration.
  • Working together with you, our builder/home and bathroom renovation specialists will fashion a design that brings together their expertise and experience with your ideas and thoughts to ensure the design looks good, is functional, and is within your desired budget.
  • After another visit to your home to take further measurements and photographs, our design team will create a concept design for your bathroom, living room, laundry or kitchen renovation. Rockhampton residents will be provided with a fixed price quotation and are invited to view a design of your home, bathroom, kitchen and laundry ideas come to life.
  • orking with you we will provide a comprehensive list of services including town planning, building permits, and all products and accessories required to make the process as hassle-free as possible.
  • The centre of any home is the kitchen, especially at brekky. However, if it is too dark, you might want to add a large window to let the light pour into your home’s centre as part of your kitchen renovations. The Rockhampton kitchen renovation experts at Day to Day Constructions can help you decide which wall to put that window on to make maximum benefit of the sun’s warming rays pouring into your kitchen each morning.

Kitchen renovations done with white marble and light coloured cabinets can make your kitchen bright and cheerful. Just the décor your family will enjoy at every meal, not just breakfast. Your kitchen renovation does not have to break the budget to add warmth and brightness to the centre of your home.

Well-designed kitchen renovations can add value to your home, like no other room in the house. However, do-it-yourself restorations or upgrades can take a long time and leave you without the use of your kitchen for months, taking a toll on daily living. Our technicians provide you with a free planning consultation. We can take your plans and help you visualize the concept, estimate the cost and the timeline. We can even show you a virtual mock-up of how it will look when complete. In addition, we can give you an idea of the value added, if you are looking to sell in the near future.

Effective planning is the most important step to creating a kitchen, which is no longer just a room for cooking meals, but your home’s centre. Your kitchen renewal process can be an important step toward a brighter, happier life and the last thing you want is regrets. That is why it can be very meaningful to take a virtual look at the finished project before you begin. At times, what you see in your mind does not always work in reality, so knowing how it will look when finished, will alleviate the stress of starting.

Your kitchen renovation starts with choosing the right materials and equipment for your kitchen. Organising your ideas can be an essential step, once you choose the layout. Consider choosing marble for that counter top, rather than wood. Wood is less expensive, but marble will last for the life of your home, making it less expensive and more durable over time.

Putting the right equipment in the right place can make all the difference, especially in a smaller room. Let us help you make the most of your creative ideas for your kitchen renovations.

The kitchen renovation specialists at Day to Day Construction have the experience to make your design ideas come to life.

Give us a call, complete a contact form, or send us an email for a free consultation with no further obligation.

Many of us cannot afford to build the right house in the right neighbourhood, exactly the way we want it. Therefore, we settle for a house in a good neighbourhood, close to our work and our children’s school and then dream of the day we can get our dream home built with the bathroom exactly the way we want it. Why wait?

Maybe you cannot afford that big house, but you can do bathroom renovations in the house you are currently living in. And we have the professionals that can make your renovations dreams a reality.

If your house has too many people and not enough showers, we can fix that for you. A house with two adults, two school-aged children, and only one shower can be a nightmare to manage the family’s busy schedules. At Day to Day Constructions, we understand the need for a growing family to have not just adequate shower facilities, but the right bathroom space. A bathroom renovation might be just what your family needs to iron-out your schedules and make life a lot more predictable for your busy family.


Beauty and functionality should be the measure of your new bathroom renovations. Rockhampton homes can add a special touch to that renovation project with elegant fixtures, without adding a lot of expense.

If you plan to add a stand-alone tub instead of, or in addition to, that shower, try it out first. Big is not always best. When space prohibits buying a bigger tub, buy a deeper tub instead. Small additions to your tub, such as neck support and headrests add significantly to your bath without adding much to the price.

Good lighting is an essential addition to any bathroom renovation. Use halogen lighting with wall sconces around mirrors to avoid shadows.

You might want to consider a lighted shaving mirror recessed into the shower walls as an inexpensive addition to your bathroom renovation. The convenience is one you will wonder how you survived without. It will add value and functionality to your bathroom renovation. You may even choose an open space shower rather than an enclosure as part of your bathroom renovations. Our bathroom specialists can help you choose the right structures and fixtures for your shower or bath.

Utilise marble or ceramic tiles with in-floor heating to warm those hard, cold, yet durable surfaces. A light coloured ceramic tile with a simple design will add brightness and beauty to your bathroom renovation or renewal.

Call us at your convenience fill out a contact form, or send an email us for a free, no obligation consultation with the our bathroom renovation specialists.